Carlos Porfirio was born in Lisbon but lived between Mozambique, Angola and Portugal, before he settled permanently in the city of his birth. A Degree in Economics never managed to fade his passion for literature. He now divides his time between Marketing and Literature but one day, he hopes, eventually devote himself exclusively to writing.

Marcas de Amor, his literary debut, released in 2005, is the mirror of the rebel and nonconformist personality of the writer.

Fallen From The Same Tree, a novel that revolves around an inconvenient meeting between a group of seven friends and a gang that escaped from a prison, a reflection on behavior and on the meager knowledge that humans have about themselves.

A Valsa dos Pecados, a sweet and bitter novel, capable of disturbing the quietest of readers. A story of fear, but also of struggle and courage, of the power of forgiveness, or lack of it. An intense and at times fun story.