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For an author, launching a book is almost comparable to the birth of a child. If having a child is something fantastic and transformative, a very important mission, conceiving and launching a book (in my case, another novel), also represents a moment of great joy and pride.
Writing a novel is starting over, rekindling the spirit, breathing another air, talking, shuddering, kissing, loving, consoling, smiling, sometimes crying. Writing a novel is living what you haven´t lived, doing what you can and cannot. Writing a novel - the art of creating characters and stories - takes considerable time, isolation and reflection.
Words have power, they have life, they have soul, they pulsate and travel, they move from place to place and from mouth to mouth. Not all words are good, let us be grateful for the best. And if the best are Portuguese, so much the better.

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Carlos Porfírio

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