Fallen From the Same Tree


    Fallen From The Same Tree is a novel that revolves around an inconvenient meeting between a group of seven friends and a gang that escaped from prison. Everything takes place on a farm somewhere in the Alentejo, where Francesco Monica decides to celebrate his birthday. The same farm that was elected as a place of refuge for a group of prisoners sought by police.

    The house is only a scenario where we witness the events waltz and a whirl of emotions involving two groups of people stuck in a space that is becoming too small as time goes by. The differences between each other tend to worsen in times of danger, and fear will highlight the features by which each one follows its moral conduct. More than a compelling story, Fallen From The Same Tree is a reflection on behaviors, on the meager knowledge that humans have about themselves , about the social fabric, about good and evil.

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    Excerpt from the 4th chapter

    He was one of the first to get his food and sat down at the table by the window. The plate had rice on one side, beans on the other, and a small piece of meat in the middle. The boss arrived in the meantime, sat down and started eating, as if he weren’t there. Although only for a short time.
    “The sons of bitches, the meat is as tough as nuts...it tastes like leather soles”, said Honório chewing with visible difficulty.
    “How many years did you get, boy?”
    “Thir..teen...” said Honório ironically! “Damn bad luck! How old are you?”

    Honório took another forkful, chewed, swallowed and said, making an effort to be tough:
    “ You’re fucked. When you get out of here you are rotten: with any luck you’ll get hepatitis, but more than probably, you’ll get out with kilos of AIDS.”
    “With AIDS? I’m not queer, man!”
    “Listen to me carefully lad: today Mendes killed himself, yesterday a guy died of an overdose... So far this week, three have already gone to the little angels!”
    “And what do I have to do with that?”

    With the hand he used to clean his mouth, Honório grabbed Valentino’s forearm, roaring:
    – What do you have to do with that? Oh you idiot, before you know it you’ll have a prick up your arse! Did you get that or do you want me to explain it better?

    He looked at Valentino, noticing his look of surprise and continued:
    “In here boy, there are only two types of guys: the hunters and the hunted, who are the majority. And you’ll be hunted...unless I let people know you are my protégé. Did you get that or not?”
    “I got it, man”, retorted Valentino, nervously fidgeting with the thumb of his right hand.
    “ What do I have to do to be your protégé?”
    “To be your protégé? Did we go to school together or what? More respect, little boy! Did you get it or not?”
    “Yes, I got it... boss.
    “And take that fucking earring off... Before you know it, they might mistake you for a whore at Parque Eduardo VII!”