Divorce A Buda (Sándor Márai)

  • Maybe? He wouldn´t be a doctor if he could not save her. It was a school thing... teach everywhere, a case in which we actually know something, we know we can help. Put down the syringe, I sit next to her, take her pulse, look at her. With a handkerchief I clean the foam from her lips. Stare at her. In this trance, I know that I will do nothing to save Anna. The most dificult part is already far away, she took the first step. Does not account for anything else.With a light step, as in a dream - a dream in fact, the very sense of the word - went from life to death.

    Divorce In Buda, Sándor Márai, the Hungarian who wrote The Candles Burn Until the End. We are to love literature even more after reading a book like this.

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